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Barbican malt

Made from the finest barley, Barbican Malt Beverage is a delicious and refreshing non-alcoholic drink. It is a well-crafted, carbonated drink with a crisp and clean flavour, making it perfect for any social occasion and celebration.

Barbican flavours

Transform every occasion with the tasty flavours of Barbican and pomegranate that make for a delicious blend like no other.

Transport yourself to a tropical paradise. Relish every sip of this delicious and exotic malt drink.

Taste the difference with every sip. Made from the finest barley and the juiciest of apples.

Let the sweetness and freshness of peach-infused Barbican take over your senses.

Enjoy the crisp and refreshing flavour of Barbican Malt with a sweet and fruity Raspberry twist.

Add a bit of zing and zest to your day with this refreshing blend of Barbican with Lemon.

A unique blend resulting in a balanced and refreshing malt beverage that is packed with fresh strawberry fruit flavour.


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